Landlord Tenant Law

New York’s landlord-tenant laws are among the most complex and comprehensive in the nation. At Horing Welikson Rosen & Digrugilliers, P.C., we provide a wide array of services, assisting clients in navigating the intricacies of these laws and all facets of building management. The firm has practiced in the area of landlord-tenant law for nearly four decades and is one of the leading voices advocating for landlord’s rights in the five boroughs, as well as Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

The firm is capable and experienced in handling any legal issue arising out of the landlord-tenant relationship, offering owners a full range of legal representation, including, but not limited to the commencement of Landlord-initiated cases, such as:

  • Non-payment Proceedings
  • Holdover Proceedings
  • Nuisance
  • Illegal Sublet
  • Non-primary Residence
  • Owner-Use
  • Lease Expiration
  • Month-to-Month Tenancy Termination
  • Failure to Renew a Rent Stabilized Lease
  • Drug and Criminal Activity
  • Superintendent/Employee Termination
  • Unauthorized Occupants
  • Licensees & Squatters
  • Harboring a Pet

We also have a long history of success in defending our clients against tenant-commenced proceedings, such as:

  • Illegal Lockouts/Unlawful Eviction Actions
  • Ejectment Actions
  • Housing Preservation Actions
  • Heat and Hot Water
  • Repairs
  • Infestation
  • Harassment

In connection with the above-referenced housing court proceedings, our tenacious Landlord-Tenant team also regularly commences and/or appears on Article 78 and Article 81 actions in Supreme Court as they pertain to existing landlord tenant matters, as well as on bankruptcy cases in Federal Court to obtain the lifting of bankruptcy stays so the landlord of the debtor may collect unpaid rent arrears in housing court.

At Horing Welikson Rosen & Digrugilliers, P.C., we dedicate ourselves to protecting our clients’ interests and increasing the financial value of their investments. Resolving our clients’ issues with a favorable outcome is our first goal, but if litigation is needed, we aggressively pursue the rights and needs of our clients in court, be it through settlement agreements, trials or hearings, and/or evictions.

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