Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

For decades, our dynamic litigation department has aided clients in all aspects of their real estate litigation and commercial transactions issues. The litigation department at Horing Welikson Rosen & Digrugilliers, P.C. is aggressive, experienced and determined to obtain only the most positive results for all of your litigation needs.

Our litigation department has handled cases from all ends of the spectrum: from a basic collections case seeking a monetary judgment under a contract, to more complex commercial issues requiring discovery, pre-trial conferences, extensive motion practice, trial preparation and conducting multifaceted trials.

At Horing Welikson Rosen & Digrugilliers, P.C., our litigation experience spans the spectrum of real estate law. We have had tremendous success litigating in such areas as contract and lease disputes, general housing law matters, specific performance, condominium and cooperative law, the issuance of injunctions, liens, Article 78 and Article 81 proceedings, Yellowstone injunctions, collection efforts, and rent regulation matters.

As a firm who specializes in all things real estate, we are the perfect solution for all your litigation needs.

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